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One of the most beneficial things about lockdown for my wife and I has been having the opportunity to workout together. My wife is many things but being a “runner” was not high on her list…that was until the COVID lockdown. We started using the Strava app to log our distances and times which has been a great to help you push yourself each time. We now also use the “Couch to 5k” app now as we work towards setting some new goals.

Once we get home, it’s time to do some online workouts. We’ve been doing different videos but mostly Madfit videos on YouTube. There’s so many great workouts. Weights or no weights there’s plenty available for everyone at all different levels.


greg kb

Any of Greg’s patients will know that he’s a big Crossfit proponent and competitor (representing both Victoria and Australia). How can you tell if someone does Crossfit? You won’t have to ask..they’ll tell you all about it. Greg is no exception to this.

What got you into Crossfit?. I have always enjoyed keeping fit and staying healthy. Until I started CrossFit 3 years ago, I had never been a gym member but have worked out on my own. At the end of a morning Chiropractic session I would put my running gear on and be out the door doing interval training. On the odd occasions my son Joel would join me and I would work a bit harder trying to keep up with him. My wife Keryn had been going to a gym for many years and said “just try it because you might really like it” so I did and she was right.

What has sustained your interest? Loads of variety in the workouts. I really enjoy the cameraderie and that everyone is so supportive and encouraging. I have learned a number of new skills like rope climbing, weight lifting, double under skipping, body weight workouts I can do anywhere without any equipment and gymnastics stuff. I love competing, especially with people younger than me, which is everyone at my CrossFit “box” bar one lady who is about 3 years older.

What has helped you to maintain an exercise regime during lockdown? I feel blessed in that I have never lacked motivation to exercise especially since starting CrossFit. Even in “ISO” I look forward to doing a workout of some kind every day except maybe Sundays. I always kind of push myself so that there is nothing much left in the tank when I am done and subsequently I sleep better.



During lockdown I was looking for a full body workout I can do at home. So my friend suggested a morning workout with her & others through Zoom. So, I went online & tried this half hour workout & I felt great. I got so much enjoyment from it especially cause we were working out together. It was a lot of fun & the best part was how great I felt afterwards. I was ready to tackle the day ahead with a positive mind.

The most challenging exercise by far is the Burpees!!! Week by week I feel I’m getting better but it sure pushers me to go harder. What I do enjoy is any leg exercises. Just knowing I’m toning them gives me reason to keep going. And then I’ll go for my usual 1/2 hr walk, weather permitting, in the afternoon.