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Shambrook Chiropractic in Greensborough is proud to offer Orthotics to aid in your foot and spine problems.

Even if your feet don’t hurt, fallen arches may seriously affect the rest of your body and can cause ongoing ankle, knee, hip, low back or neck problems. Our approach at Shambrook Chiropractic is to thoroughly assess the entire body to rule out the potential underlying causes of painful conditions.

Therapeutic Pillows

Therapeutic Pillows are available for purchase at Shambrook Chiropractic in Greensborough

Encourage the natural contour of the spine ….. in blissful comfort.

If you have any questions or concerns or would like to have more information about the products above, please feel free to call Shambrook Chiropractic at (03) 9432 8562.

In the Melbourne suburbs of Greensborough, Eltham & Diamond Creek…
Get the best for your back so you can get back to your best!